Existing Software Redevelopmnt

Existing Software Redevelopmnt
I am looking to make changes to the look and feel of my existing software www.auctionprofitgenerator.com You can log on by entering in the username: bowser1hawks pass: back781
Perform a search and see what the results look like.

What my software does is it researches eBay data from 2-3 months back and breaks down each feature for my customers.

I want my design to look similar to www.terapeak.com
Username: auctionpro10gmail.com
Pass: back7811

Perform a search and compare the results to my software. I know theres is designed differently but i want mine to be changed around to look similar to theres but not to be exact.

2 things i’d like to add is the bottom feature where all the auctions appear from eBay and the search bar and category feature at the top.

There is also changes i want to make throughout the software after the results page is completes so this first project could result in more work for you in the near future. I am looking for someone to work on this full time and get it done as soon as possible. Again my main focus is the look and feel of the website.

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