Website Management

Website Management
We currently have two websites, webmail for both sites and a server that needs maintenance/management.

Website One: ASP.NET 2 C# with MSSQL DB / Some Flash
Website Two: Drupal Mod (php) with My SQL DB

For both sites, webmail and the server the following things maybe required at any time:

bug fixing
designing and adding new features
i.e. complete management of the sites, so whatever the senior team leader requests (within reason) that is actioned asap and made available on the sites.

There is not much work on the websites, as they are not that busy.

Website One: Simple link clicking website, with a couple of login features allowing users that have paid to access content.

Website Two: Search engine for documents that have been uploaded by users. Drupal based.

If an agreement is made, management fees will be paid one month in arrears.

Feel free to contact me for further information.


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