Update Cgi Scipt 2

Update Cgi Scipt 2

We need you to enhance some functionality in CGI script.

Please refer to the attached documentation that details the functionality.

These are simple modifications. In case something is unclear let us know.

We are looking to get these modifications done ASAP.


– Bid only if you can confidently accomplish the task
– Confirm that you fully understand the requirement
– PMs and Bids with generic response, company profiles will be ignored
– You must also be aware that there may be some minor things we may have to change as we go along.
– You may not share/use the provided script/part of the script for your own use/for your clients
– You must test the script thoroughly after all mods done. The script with should be 100% in working condition and you should also be available if there are any bugs
– Escrow payment

Thank you for your time 🙂

Looking forward to working with you.

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