Website Modifications 2

Website Modifications 2
Whe have let created a website
On this website companies can register inputting where they provide there services and what services they provide. Please check the website for this.
Visitors can go to the website and select the place where they need a company to provide the requested work and select the work needed.
The website then showes all companies listed within that area that also provides the selected work.
These results are not always accurate so whe need all in the website for this to be fully checked.
The users are listed in Amember. This is a user registration system.
Now companies can input and chance there working area and provided services when registrating there company and also when they loginto Amember. Here whe also have some errors so this does not always works 100% perfect.
I need all to be checked and fixed. This should be a very small thing but you need to know what and where to look.

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