Web Mail Registration Form

Web Mail Registration Form
I need to create an script for user to register to my email account service. I will need fields for Customer Full Name, user name (Sample ___________ at my website ) where the line is located, I will need a text field so visitor will enter the user name that they want to use for the email account at my website, then the last field will be for password, it will required a minimum of 6 charters
The information need to be storage in mysql data base and I need to receive an email, each time a new user create an account. The script needs to be able to check the data base before creating a new user account to make sure the account do not exist, if the account is taken, then need to display a message ( in Spanish and English ( Esta cuenta ya existe, favor crear otra cuenta diferente )
Ones the visitors create the account, they will be taken to a thank you page and this page will refresh in 10 seconds and it will redirect to my website home page at my website

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