Magento Optimization

Magento Optimization
I’m running a magento site on a fast rackspace server. The site and server have been already had full optimization and the site it’s self with page cache system is giving us very fast loading times.

My site contains 400 products.
The front end has about 30 bundle products and each bundle contains upto 80 product options to select.

My magento install has about 6 plugins and custom code along with the core code being edited.

Everything on the site works fine.

The problem is the more products you select on a bundle the longer it takes to add the item to cart and the login it takes to login and checkout.

add to cart depending on the number of items in cart takes from 6 to 30 seconds.

clicking confirm order takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Adming eding a product takes upto 40 seconds.

I’ve installed magento on another domain on the server and thats nice and quick. So the problem looks to be a problem when accessing mysql.

I’m running linux which is due to be upgraded to plesk 9.3.

I need an EXPERT who is skilled in server admin work and magento to fix this problem quickly so my site will be able to handle thousands of visitors per day and load quickly.

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