Ea-land Private Server 2

Ea-land Private Server 2
This is a copy of an older project:

The Sims Online (EA-Land) was discontinued in 2008 and is shows no signs of returning. Much like World of Warcraft, Habbo Hotel, and other popular MMO’s out there, I would like to be able to run a PRIVATE SERVER of The Sims Online. Whether or not this action is illegal is beyond me, nonetheless, I would like to be the first and only Sims Online private server in business. I’m not sure if my budget is anywhere NEAR accurate, but I need somebody who can create a server emulator for The Sims Online using only the old EA-Land Client (not connected to any live server) to post their bid no matter how high or low it may be. If this is absolutely 100% impossible, let me know in the PMB. Thank you.

I will also need a PHP script to let people register.

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