Periodical Db Software

Periodical Db Software
I have a few magazines that I am sending out periodically. I require a software to manage this A-Z as follows:>

1. Save clients/subscribers details
2. Alert every day/month/year/ etc for renewal of subscriptions
3. Update on payments received/ pending
4. Update on change of informations ( .e.g address, etc)
5. Printout of pending payments/ sales activities
6. Print out of envelopes of various sizes (depending on magazine) with subscribers/clients name , address etc on it
7. printout of invoice, receipt
8. Able to update on RENEWALS and retain history

Software has to be user-friendly as it will be operated by my staffs. It has to be OS independant ( so that it can work in ANY platform of windows etc )

Only serious programmers contact me for more details.

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