Quick Script Instillation Done

Quick Script Instillation Done
Good day,

I am looking for a “Script Installer,” who can do the following Script for me.

This Job is basically to (uploading and install) the Script to my Server. The program is basically a (Self Hosted) “Tracking Script” which tracks advertising traffic. And it needs to be installed Correctly by the winning Coder.

*Please Note:

I need this done quickly! If you are a (Pro- in Installing Scripts), this should be very very easy for you. Having said that, please do NOT bid, if you are Not a Pro. I do NOT want to waste my time with amateurs who have No Experience or Skills to do this Job for me.

So, if you want to be my “Go-To- Coder” who does all of (My Script Installs), then you need to (Prove Yourself) to me. The way you can do that is, by doing 1- Small Job for me, like (This One). No Worries, you Will get Paid.

*But, I will be looking at the following: (Your Speed, Your Skills, and Self Sufficiency). In other words, I want to see ‘How Fast’ you get it done? if you actually ‘Know What’ You are Doing?, and if you can do it ‘By Yourself’ (without) My Supervision. Of course, I will give you (All Access you need, as well as the Full Script Files).

–>>Please know this, I do NOT have time to Hold your hands and help you learn. And I do NOT have time for you to figure out things, especially on my time. You just need to be a (Professional Script Installer) that knows the following Coding Languages: (PHP, HTML, Perl/CGI, Java, API), mostly “PHP.” And you need to know the following(Database) well: (MySQL), because that’s what I use.

*Also, If I do Pick You, I want a (Flat-Rate) on “All” (Script Instillations) types of work I give you. Because this will be an… “On-Going” work offer.

**I have (Several Scripting) Job for you, on a Weekly basis.

***One last thing, if I need you, you MUST be available to Chat on IM. So, you need to be available at (My Time Zone), which is “East Coast” Time Zone. I am in the US (EST), so you need to match my time zone, especially at the beginning of the work, so that I may answer any questions you may have and also give you some instructions (if need be).

—->>I have attached the Script I need installed on my Server for your Review.

*Bid wisely!

Looking forward to your Bids!

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