Simple Based Website

Simple Based Website
DO NOT bid on this project if you haven’t worked with NHibernate and Log4Net and know it like your back pocket.

We are NOT looking for a COMPLETE solution. We are just looking for a basic ASP.NET setup. The work will continue afterwards if we are satisfied with the work done.

We need a very simple ASP.NET website created. We already have the html / css, and only need the basic ASP.NET to show it to begin with.

Included are the template / css used.

What needs to be done is.

1) Create a Master template
2) Setup 3 simple text pages (frontpage and two subpages) based on the the master page. Fontpage is found in index.html. Subpages are based on forhandler.html.
3) Setup NHibernate against mysql and log4net (appender to console and eventlog).
4) Create a model med CRUD operations for Users (id, name, company, adress, zipcode, city, country, state, email, phone and password) and Groups (id, name) with a many-to-one relationsship between users and groups (a user can be in only one group, but groups can have many users). Groups are currently following: free, small business, business, enterprise and administrator.
5) Add user login capabilities to the frontpage. Login is done with email and password. Wrong login should redirect to a simple aspx page with text called Fejl.aspx. It show be a copy of Forhandler.html from the included html/css.
6) After login, add a menu item called “Min Konto”. This should point to a page looking like Rapporter.html. The page has a submenu with 3 subitems. The top one is “Rapporter” which needs to be selected by default.
7) Setup account creation in the top of the frontpage (index.html). When submitted an account is automatically created with the name and email entered, and a new page which is a clone of “Forhandler.html” is shown. Finally a mail is send with the name, email and url in it. SMTP server should be in web.conf.
8) Description of how to deploy on our server.

NOTICE: NO administration is needed. We will edit ASP.NET pages, and modify the database manually. The described work above is the ONLY thing we need done. Additional work will follow if we are satisfied.

Estimate hours of work is 10 hours for a skilled ASP.NET developer.

We require well structured and OOP based work with comments on each class and method and where relevant in code. We require good english skills and understanding and availability on msn or icq during development.

Timeframe is as following: Selection of the programmer within 2 days, delivery within 3 days of selection.

To be considered, place a bid and write a message with your hourly rate for additional work and a deliverytime. If you forget this your bid will be ignored.

Payment will be escrow. No payment before delivery.

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