Magento Pixel Tracking Error

Magento Pixel Tracking Error
Magento Pixel Tracking Error fixing:
I integrate commisson junction affiliate code in my magento’s order confirmation page in order to send my “order ID” and “subtotal AMOUNT” to commission junction. Basically most of the things are working, it sends the “order ID” and “AMOUNT” like I wanted but in addition to that it also send some extra characters which I don’t want to send. And it also sends 4 decimals after the amount, I just want to send 2 decimals, (For eg. $2.00 not $2.0000)

This is the code commission junction gave me which I placed in the checkout page:

In that <AMOUNT> part the total amount from my magento chekout page has to be populated and in the <OID> part the order no. has to be populate, which is working fine but in addition to that it’s adding some extra character which is “%3B”. This is what it looks like when commission junction receives:

This is what I want to send:

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