Simple Mysql Record Editor

Simple Mysql Record Editor
We require a script to be developed to the following specification:

Offer two tools, one to edit price, one to delete record. The database lists vehicles – the forms for edit / delete should look up by registration plate. Upon submitting, the script should look up the database for matching records. If editing, the user should be provided the option to edit the price. If deleting, the user should be prompted to confirm the deletion (the script should show all vehicle details to allow the user to judge whether it is the correct vehicle).

There is no need to ‘design’ an admin site to house these features though if you have a design available, feel free to use this. Otherwise, plain HTML will suffice.

PhpMyAdmin, full FTP access to server, PHP and MySQL

It would be preferable if you could work on your own server to begin with – I am happy to provide a MySQL dump of the current stock list for your usage. Once confirmed working, it would then be transferred to the live production server.

Please advise if you have any questions.

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