High Volume Scalable Mysql

High Volume Scalable Mysql
I am searching for a database expert with experience using MySQL with extremely large data sets and implementing scalable designs.

The consult will be focused on the back end during development of a SWF facebook game that will store user data and track usage. Potential user exposure is reasonably conisdered to be in the millions.

Due to NDAs, Limited details on the application will be provided, rather general information and suggestions will be requested.

Requirements are:

– Detailed suggestions regarding hardware, setup and tuning of MySQL for very large volume applications.
– Thoughts re: scaling – how to cope with rapid expansion – database storage, RAM and querying.
– After a private consult and with further information : produce A ‘Dummy’ database design and sample import/processing code that : Stores and accesses user information, Logs play history and details, and provides management and Storage of giftable ‘prizes’.

Please Note : I have a lot of experience with development and database design for moderately sized systems, but have no insight re: transitioning into large and high volume applications – so please only bid if you have experience in the field.

Very little will be needed regarding the design of the SWF end application – this will have a focus on Database and performance.

If you need more information please feel free to request it.

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