Custom WordPress Plugin

Custom WordPress Plugin
I’m looking to have a wordpress plugin made that can grab other movie sites and put it into my site (WordPress) sites
i want is a way i can add a site and fetch movies grabing all the info links embed image catagory ect and put it into my database full of movies for my new movie site as it has about 100 movies now, Needs to have images short discription of the movie and links to the Full working movie and (embedded links)
all the movies must be full movies and must be embeds so that it will play from my site
i want to have a list of other wordpress blogs i can grab movies from so i want to be able to import as many as i want
and save them so i can run this script in a cron job to auto grab newest movies
they must have images movie info and post in the correct catagory and embed on my site within the post.

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