E-commerce Cms

E-commerce Cms
Dear all,

General Info:

* the cms should be multilingual, the language should be completely separated from the programming
* when the seller wants to register he should first select the company he belongs to of the registered companies if its available, if not, he shall create it first then he will be the administrator of that company
* cms should be based on templates, so we can change the template in the future
* in the default page (index) should display:
o what’s new [latest 4 news]
o latest products [latest 4 products]
o featured products
o featured companies
o company’s links
o introduction text
o sponsors: (5 random companies)
o registered companies
o advertisements
* cms will contain:
o Divisions & multi sub-divisions
o Companies & sub-companies
o Products
o Credits (will be purchased by sellers in order to add new products, and by advertisers to purchase an advertisement-plan)
o Members (Administrators,Sellers,Users,Advertisers)
o Advertisements
o Newsletters
o Categories & multi sub-categories
o Pages & News
o Blocks
o Comments
o Rates & Ranks
o Reports & Statistics
o Auto-notifications & auto-reminder (by emails)
o Private messages
o Search engine
o Survey forms

The extra details could be found in the attached pdf document

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