Php Expert Needed Today 2

Php Expert Needed Today 2
We have some unfinished work on a php project. This is important and needs to be done RIGHT and in just a few days.

If you are a PHP expert and can interface the scripts with mySQL databases through text “typed” inquiries, pulling data from the database and returning it to the site visitor when they type in a question, then we can use you.

The first part and that which you are bidding on is this. The interface is already built along with the mySQL. The Admin windows need to be updated with CLOSE buttons.

The PHP interface pages are working fine in IE browsers, however Foxfire is missing one or two of the screen areas. Compatibility issues.

THIS WORKS: This is a question answer php script. The process is for the visitor to ask “type in a question” and out comes the correct answer as determined by PRIOR Q&A.

THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED: Along with the correct answer, a follow up question should appear.


With the answer to the question we need links to external files, i.e. audio and video clips.

LASTLY… Need to clean up the page look – design. Needs a facelift.

That’s it. Thank you. Your bid should be for the above items. You should be PROMPT on DAILY communications with us. If you fail to response within 24 hours of our support requests you can expect to be dropped as the programmer and an appropriate rating here will result.

The reason for the strict terms is simply experience with three different programmers that do great upfront and then drop off on communications. They get the money and then disappear. We want, NEED, a solid reliable programmer that can grow with this project.

BONUS will be paid for excellent work and PROMPT work.

Thank you, Wayne

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