Virtual Trading(escrow) Script

Virtual Trading(escrow) Script
Client Registration System

-Both Client (Buyer and Seller) can sign up registration form , will also invite unregistered client to sign up.

-Buyer must send deposit(key money) thru paypal for verification

-Seller can choose 3 optional Plan’s. Ex Gold,Silver,Bronze plan .Payment via Paypal

Trading System

When the buyer will transact to seller. Payment will go to Admin first. then Seller will deliver the stuff to Admin. (via file upload)
Then Admin will send the item to seller.

Adminisration Panel

-admin can view and edit registered users.

-admin can put status to their transaction (example:payment received,file delivered,pending,working,on hold,cancelled)

-admin can ban and terminate user

-admin can send the submitted file by seller to user

-admin can send email to clients

Client Panel

-Both Client can see the transaction status

-Both Client can send message to Admin

-Both Client can change personal information

-Seller can generate price for their item..and it will be send to Buyer

-Both Client can delete their account

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