Poker – Texas Hold Em Game

Poker – Texas Hold Em Game
This is college homework assignment and want it done to the best it can be done. I require a poker game to be designed and working in the game style of Texas Hold’em. I have a full requirements page which I will email to you which states what I fully require. It must all be met for the payment to be made fully. Please ask me for more details by PM.

The basic idea is to build a poker game whereby users can play against each other but can also play against a computer. There should be 5 rooms one of which is purely for the user to play against the computer, i.e. to just practice before playing against real players. The idea of the computer being able to play should apply opponent modeling behavior to it. This is the most important part of the game so make sure it works fully and research in to opponent modeling if you do not know what it is. Or please ask me for further details.

This game is not to be played for real money i.e. just playing for fun where the stakes are not real money.

I want a good friendly interface design also. I have stated on my requirements attachment exactly what I want but if through the process I feel I might want something more added in the I will let you know and you should add this in. Please be aware of this. The same applies to you if you think something should be added in which I have missed out on then please let me know.

I will only pay in full once I see that the game works fully with the opponent modelling working properly. I would like you to put comments for each part of the code explaining what is happening and also a brief report explaining what each class does. This is not an online game which needs to be put on a website. Its a program of its own which connects online to connect with other players.

The main programming language used should be Java. Database system will need to be used in as users can only sign in with a valid username and password. So MySQL and Oracle can be used. However if you feel that another programming language needs to be used then please let me know.

An in game chat room also needs to be implemented in so users can chat with each other if they want.

Please only bid if you know what is required and are happy with the terms. The requirements attachment will be emailed to you if you bid on this and they should all be met. Please let message me if you require any additional information.

Thank you

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