Autoresponder Email Marketing

Autoresponder Email Marketing
My server has an autoresponder setup.

My database (MySQL) has several thousand names.

I have several HTML email templates that need to be put into the autoresponder. This HTML needs some fields matched to the database and autoresponder.

I will give to you these templates to work with. You will add maybe 3 test emails with test data into the autoresponder and test them so I can see it is working A-OK. After your test is working A-OK on my server next you will put all of my emails into the autoresponder.

You will activate all features the autoresponder has, including opt-outs, and other features listed here:

It will send out test emails using my Ezine email templates containing text and video.;_ylt=A0oGk9xNGWZLLOQAmBlXNyoA?p=free+Ezine+email+templates&fr2=sb-top&fr=crmas&sao=1

You will take the names from MySQl, and csv files now saved in the server, to input and use into the autoresponder. This is so I can send mail to my lists.

You should be able to read the “help” files provided by the software and have excellent English skills. You will of course help make the images and graphics match my website!

To complete this project, you will make an MP3 file telling me what to do next time so I can send the Ezine templates with no trouble.

Your Skype will be how we communicate, and you will have sms access into my mobile phone. This allows you to use FREE gmail to send a small message into my phone asking me to meet you online at Skype or Yahoo Messenger (Y!).

Pay? I will pay NEAR the average earned by citizens in your area, as reported at in the ECONOMY section. Do not bid if this is not acceptable to you.

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