Whois Server Script

Whois Server Script
I want to set up a whois server but I was told I need a whois script developed. Basically what i want the whois script to do is when someone check ANY SUBDOMAIN, it will check if the SUBDOMAIN is pinging. If it’s not pinging then it will return that subdomain is available for registration. If the subdomain is pinging then it will return that subdomain is not available for registration. I was told that this is VERY easy as whois scripts is just following the standard protocol to dispatch results. The server where I will put this will listen to port 43 for any query.

The script must be written in PHP and secure. So that means i need some sort of logging system (probably in mysql) that will log all queries made, the originating IP, url, headers, etc. This must work with any LAMP server running in suexec, suhosin, suphp and optimized to use lesser memory and cpu as much as possible

The reason i need this custom because there is no WHOIS script that works on subdomain basis. I want this script to be able to check any subdomain that it will pass to that script for checking by pinging the subdomain.

I need to input the whois url to AWBS or Ihost or AccountLab Plus or WHMCS or Blesta so I can offer subdomain registration via these billing software by having a whois server myself.

I need this ASAP within 2-3 days

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