Data Matching Appending Merge

Data Matching Appending Merge
I have twelve separate database marketing files. These do not all have the same fields but do have some fields in common. My goal is to compile one master database using as much of the data as possible. Accuracy is of greatest importance and I fully expect this to be a complex job. This job will not be a simple name match. It will require careful planning. On some matches it may require comparing the first few numbers of addresses and month and year of birth to another file that has the full date of birth. At time a month and year of birth and last name will be matched to another file that has last name and complete date of birth but you will also need to compare the city or zip code. As I said it is not a simple matching process. I have attached a file you can review that shows the samples of the data. Some of these are very large database as indicated in the approximate number counts.

I have a strong server you will be able to utilize to make this happen unless you prefer to use your own or own software. I can connect the data to an external drive on the server and you would need to move it as needed but because of file size it will require extensive use of the backup drive as well as the main drives.

You must have extensive experience in Data matching, appending, cleansing, deduplication, validation, and merging of data across multiple tables or data structures. The attached document shows 11 of the current databases and a 12th will be added but it is only about another million records.

To sum this up all 12 files will become one master file that includes as many data elements as possible. Some states will have data that others will not. For example there are two database, one for Oregon and one for Washington that contain data elements no other state has. Another example is there are data elements for 2/3 of the states that 1/3 do not have.

Planning is going to be a big part of this project. Please have experience in data compiling if bidding.

Thank you for your consideration.

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