Chatting Website Webcam-voic 2

Chatting Website Webcam-voic 2
First, I want a clone of (Please take 2 minutes to visit the website, just press “Next” on the top left to understand the website quickly…)

I have the webdomain already, just need smoeone to get to work.

There will be added features and changes in the clone, such as :

There should be a space on the right, to put the button ‘Register’
So people can become members.

Also, I want an ‘Add Friend’ button under people’s webcam, and when people are members, they can invite other people to be friends by cliking on ‘Add Friend’. This will send a friend request to the other person and if he accepts, they become in eachother’s friends list. (Like facebook invite friend…)
The friends list will be on the right ( where there is space for the register button ).

The friend list is like a drop down menu and when we click on it, we see all the friends, online friends are on top with a green dot on the left, and offline friends on the bottom with a red dot on the left of their names.

We can left click the friends and if the friend is online, we can ‘Invite for conversation’ him.
A window will popup (for example a notification on the bottom right of his screen) and he will be able to either accept or decline, if he accepts, you both will be set in a conversation together.

When people are registered and have a username, they should still be able to chat ‘Anonymously’ even if they are logged in. So for example on the bottom of their webcam, there could be an area to check ‘Chat Anonymously’ and ‘Reveal Identity’. When they check to chat anonymously, their name would appear as ‘Anonymous’ (And not Stranger, the strangers are people who use the website without registering’)
After chatting a few minutes, the person could decide to ‘Reveal identity’. While chatting anonymously, you cannot be invited by others to become Friend. The other person can only invite you to his friends list if you check the ‘Reveal Identity’.

Also, I’d want a 3-friend-conversation:
For example if the 2 friends I just talked about are together, one of them can invite one of their friends and if he accepts, there will be 3 webcams on the left, and 3 voices… (If they have microphones and webcams) For this to work, the webcam screens will have to be a little smaller to fit on the screen.

Also, at the top of the screen, an area where people can choose “I am a ‘Man’ looking for ‘Women'” etc. Or “I am a ‘Man’ looking for ‘Anyone’

I also need everyone’s external IP address in the database once they register… as well as other important informations of course like username etc. but the IP Addresse is because there will be a “Report” button over people’s webcam and if some people are nude on webcam or doing obcene things, people will be able to report them, if an IP address gets for example 10 reports in 30 minutes, he is banned for 24 hours.
If the member being nude is not a member of the website, his IP address will be recorded when someone presses ‘Report’. The report counts get erased 30 minutes after the first Report.

A Search function on the top right of the website where people will be able to type a Username, for example “Chicohuman”, and if “Chicohuman” exists in the database which contains all the registered members, “Chicohuman” will appear and the people will be able to click on Chicohuman and click ‘Add Friend’, which will send a friend request to Chicohuman…

Another feature is messaging.
Again, in the Friends List, when people left click on their friends, they should also be able to see ‘Send Message’, which opens a little form to submit a message to the friend.
With that said, users will have an ‘Inbox’, that can be just over the ‘Friend List’ on the right of the website.

Also, there should be a restriction of 2 usernames per IP Address.

About the servers, I will get a VPS or dedicated server. I guess while the website doesn’t have too many users a VPS server should be fine.

That would be all for now, maybe we can work long-term when this project is done, I have more ideas 🙂
Flash, Flex, PHP, MySQL, and maybe some AJAX.

I am always available for communication and guidance throughout the project.

Thanks a lot in advance for reading and placing bids 🙂

PS.: I have other similar projects, but I edited my project a little bit. I need to start this project fast and have it in less than
2 weeks, MAYBE 3 at MAX, if needed.

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