Admin Php Programing

Admin Php Programing
This project is to create multiple directories that have the same content with one difference in the outgoing link, one string is changed.

Here is how it works:

In admin panel, website administrator sets up directories, and drop-down menu items with links assigned to them. The link has an identifier for the main directory “MAIN”, but when admin creates a new directory, the “MAIN” in the link needs to change to whichever directory ID is selected by admin when he sets up the new directory.

When a user comes to a website , he sees a form which includes a drop down menu and a few data entry boxes like Title, Description, Date and a Submit button. The user can select from the drop down, and click submit, and the data he enters gets posted to multiple directories on the website.


Drop Down Menu: Google INC

Title: Google has a new phone

Description: Get Google’s New Phone Today

Date: Feb 12 2010

If admin has created three directories named MAIN, 123 and SL and he has assigned the following link to the destination page, we need to have the link be if someone is on the 123 directory or if someone is on the SL directory.

The post that was made, will be posted to and to

All posts are sorted as latest on top, and pagination comes in after 25 posts.

Other functions:

1.) Upload file: Admin can upload an excel file that contains: Drop-Down Menu Item Name, Graphic URL, Link URL, Item Description.
2.) Meta Tags
3.) Add New Drop-down Item
4.) Edit Existing Drop-down menu item
5.) Add New Directory
6.) Edit Existing Directory
7.) Add custom post
8.) Edit existing post
9.) add moderator

Moderator permission level should be customized to include or exclude any of the above areas of the site.

Add custom post will have the dropdown item, but here admin or moderator will put in a custom link. So this overwrites the link that would normally go with the dropdown menu item, but still the identifier will need to be changed to the directory id.

If we use the example of Google above again, the link that was assigned to that item is: Now if admin enters a different link in his custom post, then it could look like this: and the “MAIN” will change for the different directories.


I will tell you how I need the page layouts. It should be a very simple project. If you have any questions, please contact me in PMB.

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