Hire Parttime Html/php Worker

Hire Parttime Html/php Worker
Hire parttime Html/php worker for small tasks here and there. Nothing major..

Here is an interesting request… Simply I’m looking or a reliable, fast working HTML/PHP worker. I am not the best at HTML and rely entirely on Microsoft Expressions Web and some things I’d rather not have to work thru to figure out what is wrong, (i.e.. pages not displaying layout correctly.. perhaps a table not displaying right, etc..). or adding a small modification to an HTML page, or php edit.. I will be basing my choice on Feedback, quality portfolio, experience, price, and availability.

Basic qualifications required:

– MUST be able to easily contact (emailing and waiting for a reply 2 days later is not exactly what I’m aiming for. If you have MSN that would be fantastic!
– MUST have a variety of VERY GOOD, HONEST, RELIABLE FEEDBACK. (I’m sorry but I’ve had bad dealing in the past)
– MUST be available on the fly.. I.e.. Not taking 10 hours to do an edit or html correction if it should only take 30mins if that..

Jobs include right now:

– I have a couple html pages that are showing some pixel spacing problems
– implementing a login to our phpbb3 forums program from our main layout (we already have a login form but not sure how to connect it and have it disappear when user is logged in)
– I was told you can incorporate Moodalbox so that if you’re not logged into phpbb3 that it could pop up a transparent overlay requesting to have them register and will continue to display every so often until they do..
And some other small jobs here and there every once in a while.

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