Screenshot App For Tracerts

Screenshot App For Tracerts
Requirement Title: Design an application for Linux, OSX, or Windows which can take screenshots of traceroutes

Requirement Description:

You will be required to deliver an application, which will execute the following tasks:

* The application will receive input from a standard text file, with a list of hosts within, for example

etc. etc.

* I require that the application, execute a traceroute from the local workstation on which it is executed, and then screenshot the traceroute, preferably the entire console window and save the output as a file with the name, then, and so on and so forth.

There is flexibility in the platform as I want to leave the task open for developers of different platforms. There is absolutely no preference, although I will mention that both Macintosh OSX and Linux KDE/Gnome have excellent Screenshot capabilities which can restrict the output to a Window, Windows XP and beyond have the same capability however significantly more work is involved in extracting this data from the clipboard and saving to a JPG. Again, this is up to you, we don’t care how it’s done, as long as it’s done.

Again, to rehash – There will be a list of hosts in a single text file, a traceroute from the localhost where the app is executed must be made towards the IP, and then that terminal window must be screenshot into a JPG, imagine that it’s just to be the size of a normal 80×25 console window. I don’t want the entire screen photographed.

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