Osc Flash Image Color Painter

Osc Flash Image Color Painter
I need a flash module in my oscommerce t-shirt store that allows clients to edit the image’s color. I have a t-shirt design switcher in my store that allows me to have multiple design images on each product.

Here is the scenario. When the client selects a certain design for the t-shirt, they can then select a button that says ‘change design color now!’ below. When they do that, a pop-up will appear where we have the flash image color editor that contains an enlarged version of the selected design and a panel on the side with a color palette. Here the customer can select a color from the palette and the cursor will turn to a color fill icon (paint bucket) where the client can paint certain parts of the image.

For example, one of the design images is a .png with transparent background and a green tree and a yellow sun. The client can paint any of these three items to different colors if they choose in the flash module. We will also make a slider that will allow the client to change the color sensitivity level. Default will be 50%. For example, the client chooses yellow on the palette and sensitivity is set to 75%, they will paint all portions of green (light green, green, and dark green) to yellow. If we select sensitivity of 25% then we can only paint plain green to yellow, other hews of green will not be effected.

Once the client is done they will click the ‘save’ button at the bottom. The edited image will be saved on the server in the temp folder and the popup will close and the client will return to the product page. The design they edited will then be displayed on the shirt and a small thumbnail of the edited image will be shown next to the ‘change design color now!’ button so that if the client selects another design again, then they can select back to the edited design again.

You will need skills in php, flash, & oscommerce. Also Ajax and JS may be needed.

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