Needed-front End Programmer

Needed-front End Programmer
Looking for a programmer to help current programmer on front end of my clients site. You have to have css and website design exp. The site is written in perl and uses mysql, ajax, and java.
Its a mp3 store with a large selection of inventory. You will have to pull the inventory from the db to show up on the site. This is a long term position that will be paid per action completed. We are looking for a reliable web master that we can contact and get an immediate response. All payments will be through scriptlance. I will not prepay anything, I have been burned to many times on this site to do this again.
The site is mp3hpDOTcom. My client would like to make this site wider to fit more content. When submitting your bid do not give me bland or “pre-made” bid descriptions telling me to check out your sites. I will delete these no matter how good or how cheap you are.
Include in your bid description what you would need to take over the front end of my clients site.

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