Openbravo Pos Manual

Openbravo Pos Manual

We are in need of someone to write a full manual with pictures, hints, how-to’s, and etc with index and cover page for openBravo POS. Everything of how the program works from buttons to setting up a full storefront will be needed. Such as a Pizza shop, Retail shop, Insurance Shop and etc. Various products with pictures will be needed.

We will also require a small storefront sample. The winning bidder will gain access to a VPS with everything needed to perform this project.

Information on openBravo is on their site at

This is only for the openBravo POS opensource edition and not the ERP edition.

The openBravo POS will be utilizing a mysql database backend and not the normal JavaDerby DB.

Someone with JAVA experience is expected since this program is mainly in java. Since client will need to know how to get around the coding and perform minor java coding.

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