Affiliate Network Tweak/change

Affiliate Network Tweak/change
First off I need someone very familiar with affiliate marketing tracking, and pay processor IPN tracking to start.

I am need of changing some of the main features on the way the the site operates. The current script is completely able to be edited/added/changed, etc. as it is not encrypted.

I have an affiliate network site that needs some changes.
The site already has the affiliate, merchant and Admin accounts set up that is operational but needs help to function to my satisfaction.

Changes to affiliate site

We will need to create a new page called “Advertiser Checkout”

We would like a system that requires the payments from a merchant for creating a program in a more organized manner. Basically, when the merchant creates a program it should be inactive, until they pay for it and once they pay for it via paypal..(or possibly other methods as well), the program then is enabled and able to be seen by affiliates. So until the payment is made the merchant’s content program they listed on the New Content program page will not show up

We want a more organized pool of programs like cxdigitalmedia, similar to .. and in addition to what’s there (and removing the “pre-pop“ thing), I’d want a checkbox with the label “Incentives Allowed?” Yes or No

Signup Page:
In addition to what we have (But organized better) we want a box requiring people to describe how they’ll advertise
we want a checklist of what type of traffic theyll bring — seo/ppc/email/social bookmarking etc

implement a system that something says on the affiliate page when they login that they need to submit a w-9 to us (and link to the w-9 form).. and then we can manually remove that from the individuals page through the admin panel with like a one click thing saying they submitted it

our payout system.. i want it to be hooked up to our paypal account for paypal payments so that we can just hit something like.. send payments or something to automatically compile masspay. For those that selected check payment, or wire payment,

We also want adjustable payout timeframe (net-7, net-15, net-30), with the standard payout being net-30, and adjustable via the admin panel for the individual affiliate. We want to get rid of the ability of the affiliate to request a payment at any given time, and just have a universal net-30 standard, again with the ability for us to adjust that.

Change Merchants to advertisers and change Affiliates to publishers.

When creating a program, we want there to be a choice of pay for impressions, clicks, leads, or sales .. rather than having them all together (and all required to be filled out when creating the program)

For merchants (advertisers) billing, we want a system that the advertisers are able to select whether they want to be billed weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly for the leads/sales they received. The weekly/semi-monthly/monthly payments would be invoiced for sales/commissions that are made in excess to their account balance (since they’re required to deposit at least $300 into their accounts to run any affiliate program).

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