Openx Server

Openx Server
We have 5-7 ad tags that we currently manage via Google Ad Manager.

We are looking to expand the number of ad tags that we use.

BEFORE we expand ad tags, we want to replicate the basic functionality in an ad server that we use on an OpenX implementation.

This is a two-phase project with 33% escrow and another 1/3rd of payment after phase I and another third after Phase II.

PHASE I: Get OpenX server (we will provide a server for implementation, however you will be responsible for making it work) replicating the basic functionality of our 5-7 ad tags. These ad tags will be placed on one of our sites to test them.

PHASE II: Deal with any small issues that occur within 1 week of testing period.


No new functionality will be required.

PERL/MYSQL/UBUNTU are the requirements.

This is a FEATURED project, so please leave your Skype name with any questions in the PMB.

Interview will be conducted via Skype – chat only – no video required.

Project/feedback/management is conducted via

Please feel free to leave a bid “subject to further specifications.”

No bids will be accepted prior to interview.

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