Fix Categories & Other Tasks

Fix Categories & Other Tasks
I need the categories organized in a way which will make it fast for the customer to find any given item. ( I need you to provide me with an idea of what you will do).

I need at least two category to be uploaded

I need a way to show or hide categories as I see it necessary (same for all sites)

I need you to ftp main site to other sites

You are responsible for making sure all sites are working in perfect condition and you have to make sure all contributions have been successfully ftp’d to each site.

You have to activate the each of the links, on each of the home pages, for each site.

This may include other tasks which I may have ignored (don’t worry, I will not abuse your kindness)

I need daily updates, daily communication a must.

No monies will go on escrow account, full payment will be issued upon successful completion of job.

I need you to work with a sense of urgency.

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