Ptc Site Bots System Needed

Ptc Site Bots System Needed
I am looking for someone to create a Bots system for a PTC site. This Bots system must be able to control all referrals the member rent and must be able to be updated when it comes to the amount of clicks they make for the members. Again this is a Bots system for a Paid To Click site, it is not for Google ads or anything such as those kinds of Bots Systems.
The system I am looking at creating is going to be used as rented referrals to click on ads that are located on and should only be able to click as many many times as I allow them to click for those members that had rented them. I need to create this type of Bots system as soon as possible.
Plus I do have a few other projects that need to be completed on the same site. One of those projects is to install a mass emailer that I have to install and I want to make sure this mass emailer works with the current database I have so this way I do not have to input over 12,000 email addresses into the emailer. The site had been created by and it is their script you will be using for this program.
Also the next thing I needed to be completed is a chat room that I do have installed into the site as well needs to be connected to the database of the site as well so that the members when they log into the site they do not have to log into the chat room as well.Plus we need to have the chat room added to the menu bar on the main page of the site as well.
The last thing that needs to be done is when the members do log into the site I want the Terms of Service to be located on the sign in page with the members having to check off saying they agree with the TOS before logging into the site every time they log in.
For all this I want to have the Bots System completed by 01/25/2010 and the rest completed by the next day after the 25th. I am looking at paying a price of $150.00 but not much more. Also you must know about PTC sites and you must have proof showing as you have worked on PTC sites. Do Not Apply if you had never worked on a PTC site Please!
Thank you for your time!!

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