Lead Database Script

Lead Database Script
I need a script that uses input from users to create a database of information and than uses the info to create statistics and bar graphs.

It will be a multi user script.
the user name and passwords will be assigned by the admin.
The admin is able to see and print all the data and statistics and graphs.

The questionaire that users will fill out will be “fill in” and “check mark” and “yes and no”

I should be able to print the questionaire and use it in a paper form for training or just to use and than after transfer to the site.

The script will compile the data and generate graphs and statistics for all fields in the questionaire at admins will.

There will be around 20 questions. Mostly check mark with a few fill in the blank like first name, last name, city phone number, year, make, model, stock number and also Yes and No answers

I need a deadline that you will keep. NO NEW PROGRAMMERS Only if you have done this before .

I will email you all the questions and layout.

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