Developement And Design Needed

Developement And Design Needed

I’m looking to have a site designed that is similar to and

This site will need some advanced programming such as:
1) Automated product feed –each day at 12:00pm a new product needs to post to the homepage.
2) Blog that features a review of a different product each day w/ user moderation.
3) Basic user account sign up/registration – purchasing/entry features and product management system
4) Automated lottery-based selection system
5) Real time ticker showing how many users are participating in activities on the site
6) Incentive reward system

I have a site map, spec doc and a rough mock up to help illustrate the design I’m looking for.

Payment for the project will be:
15% – upfront
15% – phase 1 Publish all webpages w/o functionality
15% – Phase 2 All forms and pages have validation and are fully functional
55% – Phase 3 Final Launch – payment will be made after site has been up and running for 10 full days and I have the source code with all comments.

Prior to submitting a bid I would like to see examples of prior work as well as any customer testimonials.

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate this project.

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