User Section For Joomla

User Section For Joomla

I am about to launch a news/informational site which will be treated as a community based site. It is currently running on a Joomla 1.5 CMS system.

What we would like done is the following:

1) Simple Profile: Ability for users to set up a mini-profile type page with basic information that the user supplies.

2) Event RSVP: Users can search through our EVENTS database and have the option to click ATTENDING or NEED A PARTNER.
– a) if attending, user goes on the attendance list, and has option to declare who the partner (another user on web site) is for that event. Partner must accept/reject for it to become official.
– b) if ‘need a partner’, adds to a list of people who need partners. Ability to view list & send partner request for that event.

3) History: After an event is finished, user is prompted to fill out Post-Event form, logging in basic information (Money won, final rank). And posts this under EVENT history on user profile.

4) Search and List: Ability to search users by information, OR by cummulative “post-event” information (average rank, $$ won) OR by player rating (provided by administrators of site)

Once again this is a Joomla based site, so it would have to be made in a way to support this, or with its own back-end. Basic front-end will need to be done to display the information, but graphics / look-and-feel can be done by us.

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