Drupal Openpublish Setup 2

Drupal Openpublish Setup 2
I am looking for someone how can set up my openpublish website.

The openpublish info website is here http://www.opensourceopenminds.com/openpublish

What I want is to set up a home building and repair information website.

I will need to transfer the articles from my other website www.buildingscoop.com with the pictures. Then I will need all the options that come with the openpublish setup. I will want people to be able to sign up for an account so they they can keep track of there comments and subscribe to news letters.

I want to make sure that I can write my own articles and add pictures and so on. But I want the website to be able to pull content from other sites so it is self contained but able to add my own content if i want.

I also want to have Google adsense to be injected into the middle of the articles.

I already have openpublish installed on my server you can go here to see it.


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