Mp3 Player Script Php Webid 2

Mp3 Player Script Php Webid 2
my site is a site where people can buy and sell guitar riffs/songs (pretty much like ebay but for music publishing)…bit of a weird idea i know but i hope it’s got some legs.

when a user fills out the sell form there is the option to upload their riff (mp3 format) (see at…i have programmed this using php so it uploads the mp3 into my mysql database and my file server..the fields are:

id – (int) – auto increments
name – (varchar)
type – (varchar)
size – (int)
content – (mediumblob)

i need an existing flash mp3 player customised or built from scratch that can play the uploaded mp3’s from the database.

this mp3 player needs to be shown on the item.php page in the item description part.

so for each auction you have the standard description, information etc and the flash player that plays the riff/song. then the user can bid on the riff/song to their hearts content.

i figured this would have something to do with adding an auction id to each song that is uploaded or something like that but it is beyond my scope as a beginner programmer.

if anyone is familiar with the webid auction script that would be ideal

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