Add Comments To Website.

Add Comments To Website.
Sendstar Comment System:

== Abstract == is an ecommerce site that sell products locally and internationally.
It’s developed using mostly ASP Classic, JQuery and mySql.
Sendstars headquarters are located on Uruguay (South America) on Carrasco Neighbordhood. Phone, Email, IM, Skype or in Person communication is available / permitted.
We are looking for professional work that can handle and accomplish development and implementation in a fashionable manner in order to generate a continuing relationship between the company and the developer on further implementations.
We do encourage and help (if needed) in good coding practices and common sense.
We will bonus ‘on-time’ developments.

== Objective ==
The idea is to implement into the current platform a comment system that works closely with the current user accounts system.
The system already have multi-language support and the comment system must use it for multi-language purposes.
Any person can comment about the Sendstar site or any product through the website.
That person may use a existent user account, a new [incomplete] sendstar Account with only the relevant data for the comment input or a facebook account, using Facebook Connect.
Comments remains invisible waiting for approval from a sendstar administrator to prevent spam.
An administrator may classify the comment any time and will be suggested to do it upon approval process.
After approval, the comment is shown in place on the public site; On the product comment area or below on the site comment area.
Comments may have a liked answer by the Senstar staff.
Users can also vote for positive comments on the public site.
Comments have different types. – Reviews / Testimonials and Standard Comment.
There will be a point/score system for users writing, voting comments on the system.
Users will have different ranks depending on rules, based on classification of comments. (Example: if a user receive 5+ good comments, it will promoted as a Possitive Thinking User. If user comments on grammar will be promoted as Lecture User or something.)
The user ranks should be created / modified by admin and contain a description and an image (icon).
The system will reveal to other users, what type of user created the comment.

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