Adult Video Uploading Bot

Adult Video Uploading Bot

I need a bot that will be able to search websites that i provide such as,, ect.

It will need to search for videos via niche, teen, lesbian ect

Once it has found some videos it will need to click the video in order to grab the location of the video. eg:

There is an addon for firefox called Live HTTP Headers that it can use in order to do this, this will also give back other URLs that the site is calling to, such as image locations and other script locations and things, so the bot will need to be able to look for the correct URL eg:

Also, if using Live HTTP Headers, it will give you information at the start of the URL like “Request Get ##” The bot will need to filter out this part at the start of the URL as its not needed.

Next the bot will need to be able to upload this video to the site i specify which allows videos to be uploaded via a URL address. The bot will also need to take the video title from the tube site it just grabbed the location URL from and submit it into the title box of the tube site that it will upload to.

Other boxes such as tags, can be already preset, but will still need to be automatically filled in each time.

There are a couple of other boxes it will need to fill in, with information that i can specify, so this also will be preset.

This bot will need to upload multiple videos at once, which is possible to do on the site i am looking to upload too.

So once it has grabbed one video and uploaded, it will need to go and find another video ( the next video on the page ) and upload again to the tube site that allows uploading via URLs.

It will be handy if the bot can remember which page of videos it was up to last, as using this bot daily, i wouldn’t want it to upload the same videos as the day before.

I can MANUALLY log into an account at the tube site i wish to upload to and run the bot so it runs on that account, or it can be made so it will AUTOMATICALLY log into different accounts. I don’t mind.

I think it is possible to make a server side bot or one that can run on windows XP, using the PHP emulator platform and the MySQL thing for windows or something similar.

Not too sure which is the best scripting language for this, but i would prefer the less time consuming option for you.

Im pretty sure server side scripts are easier and i would prefer this bot to not be disrupting my normal work, so therefore it cant be doing all of this via on screen actions through FireFox. UNLESS OF COURSE THIS IS EASIER FOR YOU, I HAVE ANOTHER PC THAT I CAN RUN THIS ON, IM JUST TRYING TO GET THE LESS TIME CONSUMING OPTION FOR YOU.

Please let me know if this is possible and we can discuss this further. I will be looking for users with good feedback and reviews.


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