Iphone App With Barcode Reader

Iphone App With Barcode Reader
Hi Guys,
[iphone app] I need an iPhone app Building with mainly specific forms for the user to login and then input client details and address etc…
This must also grab data from a mysql db over the internet.
Other functions needed is to be able to use the camera to scan barcodes and input the barcode code into the form for submitting and take photos to be added to the db/web server.
The user must be able to click a button to view a route from their current location to the postcode provided by the database via the iphones inbuilt google maps (possibly to be later used with a gps app such as tomtom).

[HTML] There will also be a requirement for admins to be able to add and remove users for the system, and add jobs to the system for the users to retrieve and view and for the admins to view the result of jobs that have been finished by the users.
THIS ADMIN PART CAN BE WEB BASED (preferably PHP forms) as admins will be on dektop machines/laptops.

I can provide mySQL database and webspace for testing, info and screenshots of what exactly is required, a full route for each button and form.
This will be an improved version of a system that is already in place and as i am a developer myself i can provide clear instructions.

I will require full rights to the app so that i am the owner and i will require the source for the app so that i can make edits to the app myself and distrobute it as i wish.
There will most likely be future work needed with this app as we find improvements and ammendments.
I look forward to working with someone 🙂


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