WordPress Plugin (guestlist)

WordPress Plugin (guestlist)
I need a wordpress plugin that allows visitors to submit their names to a guestlist. The guestlist plugin must have an administration section and must be database driven.

The point of the guest list would be for the first x number of customers to add their names to a list so that they can enter the event without waiting in line. A new guest list would be created every week.

Users would login and then fill out a simple form (Name, email address and phone number, and how many additional guests they would be bringing).

If a limit has been added to the guest list, for example, only 100 names can be on a guest list, then the plugin would inform the applicant if the guest list is full.

The total number for the guest list should include the actual applicant and his/her guests. A limit should also exist for how many guests an applicant can bring.


Ideally, all entries should be accessible from the back-end so that it can be printed off for use the night of the event.

The administrator should be able to add names to the guest list manually too.

A ‘Guest List’ should be treated as an event based on the date it was created.

All entries should be editable. Meaning the administrator should be able to edit each entry in a Guest List.

The plugin should be expandable to include future features that would integrate Customer Loyalty programs and marketing.

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