Streaming Flash/php Site

Streaming Flash/php Site

We need an experienced TEAM to do this project at a very reasonable cost. I specify TEAM because in the event, someone is “out”, the project will continue on schedule. If the product is functional and satisfactory, we have many other projects to post.

The project is the complete build of a functional website with a custom flash application or use of an existing script w/ modifications. Either way, the flash app has to be custom built.

The site is a version of where live video feeds are streamed from webcams to produce a show. The flash video will have to be recorded for immediate playback. The language you use to code should enable cross-platform use and load very quickly as there will be 40+ live feeds per page instead of just one.

Alternatively, I’ve found a Youtube clone written in AJAX with all the payment modules, membership scripts, and functionality already built into the script ( If this would make it easier (and cheaper), and you have the skill to incorporate the flash script, then do it! I will leave the programming language to your team.

The video (below and is NOT our site) shows exactly the type of functionality we need; the site is not ours so pay no attention to the design of the site in the video as it is hideous! We can buy this application for you to modify if you would like.

We are working with a dedicated Linux server with Red 5 installed. You may access the server via Plesk control panel or Shell Access upon approval of your bid. Which ever is most comfortable.

The site includes membership functionality (users cannot participate unless they are registered), payment gateways (PayPal is fine), and database usage for email marketing (mass emailing to users with their permission).

We would like for users to be able to inform friends easily via the use of tell-a-friend built-in about our site. The users can just type in their username and password from Yahoo, Gmail, or MSN and imports contacts (similar) to Myspace. There should be space to incorporate ads from the admin control panel (advertising banners and boxes).

There is a complete write-up and mock site available to visually show you the site look and feel, as well as the functionality. This will be available when the NDA is signed (attached).

I need everything done, all-inclusive. This means once we have agreed on price, there will be no adjustments. You are professional programmers. Once I have given you the full specs, I will be fair in allowing you to adjust for additional software needed or specialized work. However, after this point, we need an on-time, completed, and fully-functioning website. If you need to adjust the time line, make sure you do so IN THE BEGINNING.

Let me know the answers to the questions that follow…

How many programmers will you designate to my project?
Can you perform within my time line (30 days)?
Do you understand all aspects of English well?
How many American companies have you done work for?
How many times have you been over budget?
How many times have you been over the deadline?
Are you comfortable using the escrow service of

Just to be clear, the site is not flash-based. I would like the site built in some other quick-loading language with flash incorporated. I want the site to be auto-optimizing for SEO keywords that are created within the blogs. Again, I will leave programming languages up to you.

Please let me know your answers to the above questions. I would like to get started soon.

Thank you.

I can’t wait to hear from some honest hard working programmers!

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