Flash Player & Tasks

Flash Player & Tasks
I require a programmer to complete the following tasks, working in both IE and Firefox. Assuring the website works in both, i will of course test in both and point out any errors. Bidding on this project means a chance for you to work on future projects.

– In Contact Options for artists/studios/stores accounts, for the website links, i require add a drop down menu before each one. This being Http:// or Https:// which when updated should update on the their profile pages. If this is updated on a product this should update the Divert page. Please be careful that you don’t change any of the divert payment files. This should also be added to Quick Links for each link for studios and stores.

– In tracks, genres, tags and products make sure they’re set to ‘Latest Featured’, if there are no Featured tracks or products this should be set to ‘Random’.

– In the news section of the admin area, instead of the drop down menu for each news post can we have 5 tick boxes? One for each account this being store, studio, artist, listener and public. This makes it easier for me to post one news post to multiple accounts.

– In firefox if you click the print product button it doesn’t show the contact details like it does in IE? For some reason it stops at the stores description? If you’ve already worked on this please download the latest file.

– Add in studios profile Number of rooms. This should link to the rooms page for the studio if they’ve added roons, for example ‘Rooms 5 Added’, 5 Added would be the link.

– Add in studio and store profile page ‘News’ displaying the latest 5 news posts. Below this will be ‘View all News’ taking them to the news for that store/studio. Of course if no news posted this shouldn’t appear.

– Make sure the Product Sample Tracks a store adds are deleted if they remove it from a product. At the moment the files still remain?

– For some reason it isn’t displaying the twitter image on the products page?

– Add Telephone number to the apply form. If entered on studio or store sign up form and they click apply it should appear on the apply form. The telephone number should also appear on the email I receive.

– With the new drop down menu for some reason when you hover of an instrument the scroll bar seems to flash? This only appears in IE as it seems fine in Firefox; please take a look at this.

– In the admin area you’ll notice ‘Send Mail’. I need to create an option here to select certain accounts to send an email to. If I selected studios for example the email would be sent to all the recording studios signed up. I also need to be able to select multiple options so maybe tick boxes? Please let me test this as I don’t want to send unnecessary emails to registered users.

– Add the email form for the account renewal into the mail template in the admin area so I can edit this quickly.


Create a new mp3 player based around the example image provided. The Track Details and image are not included in the player; these can just be added into the .tpl. The image should only be set to 75% of the actual image size.

The player will only play one track. After the track has played the track page will change to the next tracks page if a track is ticked or the user has clicked play all? If only one track is uploaded then it shouldn’t refresh and the player options shouldn’t appear.

Tick boxes for each track the user has uploaded should all be un-ticked will and appear below the player, this could be done using javascript the same as comments appears, dissappears? If they click the Play all link this will tick all the boxes and will continue to play through the uploaded tracks, one after each other. When changing track the page should change as well to the track being played track page, this showing the details for that track.

The player should display the current playing time and the actual length of the track.

I’ve tested the current player in Firefox and there seems to be a sound issue? If you could just have a listen with the current player and try to fix this in the new player that would be great also try and improve the security of the tracks as discussed.

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