Internal Browser & Chat Board

Internal Browser & Chat Board
Is it possible to have someone create a webpage that will act as a internet browser/portal on Cpanel that would allow a user to watch videos on (using flash 10) and (using silverlight) and any other internet videos from my own private domain?

Or at least create a browser within a webpage that will allow me to view and use other pages. This webpage/server would need to be able contain flash 10 and silverlight on the server. Meaning users will not have to upload flash or silverlight to individual computers.

The software would need to be able to update itself from the server. I need this to use while at work because I do not have administrator rights to update work computers with silverlight or Flash software updates.

I would also like to have a password protected suite for web-based chat and discussion board area where i can send private messages to individuals that will allow copy and paste. There would be a max of 5 users for the chat/discussion board area that would need screen name and password.

I need this script web-based chat and discussion board section to NOT be blocked by various networks.

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