Install 1500 Mini Website

Install 1500 Mini Website
Coders, are you looking for an easy job that will keep you busy doing what you like doing?

Are you looking for a coding job that will pay you up to $1,500 or more?

Are you looking for a job where your fee will be in SL’s escrow, so you will have no concerns about it?

Can you easily do all of the simple tasks shown in these videos?

If you answered YES to these questions then THIS is the job you should try to win, and here’s why…

My name is Doctor Mason, and just like you I want to make money on the internet. You can see by my score that I’m not such a bad guy to work with. Here is how you will earn money AND help ME earn the money to pay you.

You see, my HDD has at least 1,500 resell rights products, softwares, etc that I bought to sell to others, especially newbies. They are just collecting digital dust but YOU will install each one of them for me, so they can go to work and be sold. I have too many projects and am also preparing to do advertising on Satellite TV. So now I have to run around finding JV partners to help me pay for all of that TV advertising, but that is MY problem! I’ll tell you more if you’re interested.

You can find many of products I bought by searching here:

You will install each one, and will draw payments from your escrow fee, as often as you like, depending on how many products have been installed. You can earn $$ each day working this project, all from your comfortable home, or Internet Cafe. Think about it!

At is where you will be listing what you have completed. Unless you have a better easier idea that looks great and it interests me, we will add more products here. New categories can be added as needed.

Most of the downloads will be put into various servers I have here and there. You will have FTP access to whatever you require. You will put Paypal “buy now” codes when necessary. You will have access to my Paypal accounts to complete your Mini Websites. After you have put up a few products using that Paypal account, I’ll just change the passwords and we’ll make another account. Then we’ll let visitors see your work so they can buy them! Simple, huh?

I require that you work 5 days per week, and show me some completed Mini Websites 5 days per week. You will list each completed Website into an Excel spreadsheet database.

All you need do is ask me whatever questions you have about this job, but because I’m so busy, I don’t want to spend more than 15 minutes a day on this. That’s YOUR JOB, to make my life easier with more time to do what I like doing.

So if you think you really want this excellent job working at home and getting paid almost every day, place your bids. I was thinking of paying less than a dollar for each Mini Website that is ready to go, because there are so many of them. What do YOU think?

Doctor Mason
Los Angeles

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