Repair Article Database

Repair Article Database
Fix ArticleDashboard almost installed, and add this flash player where a photo now is:
Remove the photo and add the video player.

You will make a sub-folder for the videos used by the .xml for the above flv_list_gallery/. The .xml file will be in the main folder, same as index.php

This component will have anoter CDATA line, so that clicking the video takes you to an external URL. You will find a tutorial at the above URL when you download the flv_list_gallery.

You can see here the code that was used to take the viewer to the external URL:

You will put into the .xml file 2-3 of the sample videos you find at the flv_list_gallery/ download site.

This player will appear on each article, instead of some adsense codes. You can modify the correct Article templates for it.

You will find some code already done, in the folder at the old article site, use it to modify your new Article script, and you will use as much as you can with the navigation bar, header & footer, in a SSI (server side includes) to make future updates easy.

Program Type: What kind of software should the seller create (and/or install)?

* An internet web-site: This software runs on a web server and users will access it using their internet browser.

Internet web-site info
Design and functionality: What does the programming of this project involve?

* Program Functionality: Making the website “work”.

Modeling another site: Do I wish to model another site?
Yes: You can see the flash working at:

Another line of code will be inserted into the coding by you, so that in the .xml file a link to an external URL will operate.

You can click onto “affiliate news” at to see this same flash player has a link to external URL.

And you can see the website you will repair, at: Instead of playing with that code, it may be easier to let you have a new directory and you install the script again.

You will use the current database, with the authors and articles and other data. I will provide to you FTP access so you can do your job.

========================= SUMMARY ==============================
Re-install the Article software
Add a flash video player
Use the database we already have.

Thank you for bidding on this project and good luck.

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