Extract Product Info From Site

I need someone to create a script that will extract product information from a website.

Info needed to extract:
Product Name
Item #
Mfr. model #
Product Description
URL of page

Available Locations (Each location has its own info – see below)

For each location – Info Needed:
Store Name
Store #
Product Condition

So the script would get the product, then get the data from each location for that product.

Notes: When using the site you will have to enter the zip code or add the store to your “My Stores” list in order to view the prices for that product for that location. So the script would have to automatically add all the stores to its “My Stores” before getting the data otherwise it will not get all the information.

Data can be saved to XML, CSV, MySql, or similar.

Please PM questions or mock ups.

Please see attached image of sample page from site.

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