I am looking for a web Java web developer to add functionality to a new web site.

The site is coded using the following technologies and frameworks:

Struts 2, Spring and Hibernate
Eclipse, MySQL and Tomcat

The is a web front end to a gaming site has several functions.

Attached is a prototype of the web site. This prototype should be used to give an idea of how the web site functions.

The XHTML/CSS and graphic design will be done by another programmer.

The coder should have good communication skills and provide regular updates. The additional code should be well commented and well structured.

The coder will need to understand the existing code to provide enhancements:

1) The tournament creator can delete a tournament. All invited players notified will notified by email that the tournament has been canceled. Please add a ‘delete’ action link alongside in the upcoming tournaments table (tournaments.html). This link will appear only for the creator of the tournament. The user should be able to confirm this.

2) When creating tournaments (and leagues) please allow the user to confirm the details before submitting. The details of the tournament or league should be displayed to the user. If the details are not correct the user should be able to go back and edit the tournament or league details.

3) Times for tournaments etc should be shown in the correct time zone. When the user is logged in the times should also be displayed in the users time zone. For non-registered users the time zone should be captured with javascript. A simple calculation should be performed to display the times of the tournaments in the users time.

Non-registered users should also be able to change their time zone via a drop down. This value should be stored in a persistent cookie. The actual time zone should always be displayed on the screen (above the tables) so that the user knows in which time zone the tournaments are being displayed.

4) There will be new functionality to enable users to create “leagues”. From a web developer perspective this is very similar to “user created” tournaments (tournaments.html) but the data will be held in a new database called ‘league’. The main difference is there will be a finish day and time instead of a start. Also there will be a checkbox to allow users who do not play all of their games to be excluded from the league. The screen layout and database schema is almost identical to tournaments.

Results for league matches will be displayed differently to tournaments because all players in the league will play each other (tournaments are knockouts). The player with the highest points in the league will win the league. A table will be displayed showing the position and points of the players in the league and how many games played. Users will be able to click through and see a list of the games for that player.

5) Fix an error in the “regular system generated” tournaments results (tournamentdef.html). This this error is schematic due to the misunderstanding of the data by the original programmer.

6) The current site requires the user to validate their email address when registering with the site (by clicking on a link from the email address). The site should also require users to validate their email address when the user is changing the email address.

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