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Please take the time to fully read this before you consider the project. I am not willing to pay over 50 for this project. No matter who posts the bid on the project, i wont pay over 50. Simply because I have done jobs on here and I know that this project is capable of being done efficiently for 50 or less.
What I need is a typed out MYSQL database query.


Because there is a lot of competition to complete this project, I have decided to scan a paper on the full details of how I would like this project completed. Please take the time to go over the document and give me some feedback. I know you are capable of coding MySQl, but please tell me what you feel can work, what cant work, changes that may need to be made such as another query to make another table or two for book needs and books that the customer already has. Tell me if this is only capable through a relational database.
The response to this email will be the one who is rewarded the project. I would like this detailed and explained.
Also, after the last \”Note\” at the bottom of the second page I mentioned odd man out. The odd man out is the guy who has given a book for none is return. Its the goal of the database to find that odd man out at least one book that he needs from someone else and then repeat the same for the next odd man out. Lastly, we only wish for the odd man out to be losing one book. If the odd man out has lost one book and the database cant find him one then we move onto the next customer. These queries are meant to go each customer with Query 1 first, going in order, then Query 2 and then any other matching technique possible.
Feel free to give your feedback. Can this all be done in one Query? Will multiple Queries be needed? Private message me, email me… what ever works. I would like a detailed explanation on how you feel about completing this. I know that all of you are capable of completing this, but I am looking for someone who stands out. I look forward to seeing who gets the bid.
Best Regards

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