Geo Location / Find Nearest


what i need is to

a) track gps enabled mobiles in realtime using a free service (instamapper or another service) and save to mysql
b) create a web form where user can input address (street, housenumber)
c) now list 10 nearest mobiles with required driving time (to entered address )

–> example mysql table to track mobiles:
mobile id | instamapper id | coord-lat | coord-lon

–> example search form:
address: (textinput field) –> street and housenumber
– optional fields (only if required for scripts):
city: (selectbox, predefinied cities to select)
zipcode: (textinput field)

–> example result – nearest first
mobile id | instamapper id | current coord-lat | current coord-lon | cuurent street name, number | city | zipcode | driving time (to entered address)

-> you can use open source scripts
-> use open street map to resolve geolocation coordinates since i need to show / calculate distances of streets and housenumbers
-> for driving time calculation you could use openroute –>
-> i have found several already done script solutions that cover up some or all required features
-> what i need at the moment is a small solution that i can quickly implement in existing applications
-> since i do not show any maps, google is no option

if you are not familiar with geo services, check


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